Attendance & Punctuality


Regular attendance makes a significant difference to a child’s progress in school and we would ask that you support us by encouraging this.  Wherever possible, absence during term time should be avoided and this is particularly important in the time immediately preceding external examinations. We would not expect, for example, requests for absence during the Spring Term in Year 11.  If an absence is unavoidable, requests in writing should be submitted to the Headteacher.

If your child is too unwell to attend school, we would ask that you inform the School on the day of absence and confirm this with a note in the Student’s planner on their  return.  If the School does not hear from you after 3 days, you will be sent a text, voice message or e-mail by an automated system known as Groupcall.

If at all possible, it is also helpful if you can avoid medical appointments during school time.


Arrival at school on time also contributes to establishing the right attitude towards work and we would ask for your support in enabling your child to be punctual.  Students should be in their tutor rooms at 8.35 am and in their classes at 1.25 pm.  If students’ late arrival at school or lessons totals 20 minutes or more a week, they will have to undertake a lunch time detention.

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