Behaviour Policy

The School has a detailed Behaviour Policy that is available on request.  The key aims are listed below.

The fundamental purpose of St Sampson’s High School is to enable every student to learn.  Good behaviour makes the school a safe and well-ordered environment where effective teaching and learning are possible.  Teachers have the right to teach; students have the right to learn.

  • All members of the school should be prepared to learn.
  • All should be polite, courteous and considerate
  • All should be able to learn without being disrupted by others.
  • Respect should be shown to people, property and the environment.

 The Policy sets out the expected behaviour both in lessons and around the school and categorises unacceptable behaviour according to the levels of seriousness.  This is what your child may be talking about if he or she refers to a Level 1 etc.

In order to reinforce appropriate behaviour there is a system of rewards, details of which are found further on in the prospectus, and a system of sanctions. These are scaled according to the gravity of the offence. For serious offences, 1 hour after-school detentions from 2.55 to 3.55 are imposed and internal exclusions are used for more serious offences when a student is taken off timetable and works under staff supervision in the Internal Exclusion Room for a given period of time.  Exclusions from school are used for the most serious offences which include swearing at or gross verbal abuse of staff; threatening staff; refusing to accept the discipline of the School; theft of school property; use of technology to abuse or humiliate staff including taking photographs or videos without staff permission; serious assault of students; persistent and serious bullying; endangering the health & safety of others; possessing or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs; bringing offensive or potentially dangerous items to school such as knives, BB guns, or laser pens; or any other offences deemed to be very serious by the Headteacher.

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