Mission Statement

To foster an interest and understanding of Science to enable learners to be able to make informed decisions in their life


At key stage 3, all students will cover Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics using investigative skills. Assessment will be by tests for each subject, and pupil assessed performance tasks during the year. Levels will be given based on these tests and tasks.

At key stage 4 all students will follow a course leading to a GCSE in Science. Assessment will be by three GCSE exams, covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics, each making up 25% of the final grade. These are taken at the end of the course. There is also an Investigative skills assessment which represents 25% of the final mark. There will be more than one opportunity to attempt a controlled assessment task and the best mark will be put forward towards the final mark.

At key stage 4 there is also an option to take Additional Science GCSE. This covers different aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. It is essential that anyone thinking of studying any of the Sciences at A level choose this option. It is also recommended that those wishing to follow any career that involves Science chooses this option. The assessment consists of three terminal GCSE exams (Each contributes 25% to the final grade), and an Investigative skills assessment task (also 25% of the grade).

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