Modern Foreign Languages

Bienvenus!     Bienvenidos!   Willkommen!  

Welcome to the MFL Department’s homepage!

In French we want to develop our students (that’s you!)  to be members of  a society that values languages and intercultural relationships, where people are able to use more than one language.

Languages directly benefit the economy and have a huge benefit both culturally and to the quality of your life.

As a nation, if you can speak another language you will:

  • Be more successful in the global economy (earn more money!)
  • Build better relationships at home and abroad (travel!)
  • Be able to compete with your peers (get the best jobs!)

English is not enough!
English is one of the great global languages of the 21st century, but it will only take us so far.

Consider these facts:
• Only 6% of the world’s population speak English as a first language
• 75% of the world’s population don’t speak any English.

So get learning another language ……………..


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