Key Stage 4 History

Welcome to the Key Stage 4 History page!

10 HIA posing for theirHistory class photo.

10 HIA posing for theirHistory class photo.

History at Key Stage 4 is quite different from Year 7, 8 or 9.  Obviously you are working towards a GCSE, but also you are working with people who have chosen to be there and therefore have an interest in the subject!

11HIB trying to look like distinguishedhistorians.

11HIB trying to look like distinguished

The course itself is split into 3 sections.  We start off in Year 10 with Medicine through Time.  In this we look at prehistoric medicine through to modern day medicine such as the NHS, genetics, plastic surgery, etc… 

A lot of the work will be written and we will be working on essay skills, but also having debates, presentations, puppet shows, and all sorts of wonderful activities.


10HIB enjoying being historical superstars!

10HIB enjoying being historical superstars!

After we finish the Medicine section we spend a term working on our Controlled Assessment.  The focus of this is Castle Cornet and includes a nice day out at the castle and possibly even an ice-cream!

Our final part of the course is looking at Germany between the Wars.  This covers how Germany ended up after WWI, how they tried to recover and finally how Hitler came to power and kept control.

There are 2 exams at the end of Year 11.  One on Medicine through Time (35% of final mark) and one on Germany between the Wars (40% of final mark).  The other 25% of the final mark comes from the Controlled Assessment.