Mission Statement

To give students a workshop experience, with the emphasis on building confidence, team skills, improvisation and informal performance.  Develop skills of self-presentation related to the growth of confidence. To enable students to take ownership of ideas and to test out  their own opinions through exploration of fictional scenarios and social and cultural issues.  To encourage healthy emotional well-being through engaging in laughter and fun.

KS3 Overview

Year 7:  Genre based drama

  • Commedia del Arte
  • African Theatre
  • Japanese Theatre
  • Victorian Melodrama

Year 8:  Story based Drama

  • War of the Worlds – a devised project based on the classic novel ‘War of the Worlds’
  • Darkwood Manor – the story of a Haunted House
  • Dracula – script
  • The Arabian Nights stories

Year 9: Issues based drama

  • L8R – devised drama covering a variety of issues taken from the BBC L8R educational drama series for KS3
  • Michelle Jones – devised drama exploring the students ideas regarding the disappearance of a young girl
  • Precious – script exploring a suspected teenage pregnancy
  • A Game of Two Halves – script exploring gender issues