What help does the SEN Department offer?

Current provisions offered by the SEN department include:

TOP (Thinking, Organisation & Planning) Quiet time in a group, overseen by a teacher, to complete homework during the school day.
Rooted in Reading/Reading Groups Delivered to whole classes in Years 7, 8 and 9 by the SENCO, for students with literacy difficulties.
One-to-one Reading Usually for Year 7s, students read with a teacher during tutor time at least twice a week.
Curriculum Support This is often one-to-one or in a small group, overseen by a teacher or Teaching Assistant, and allows students to catch up with class work or reinforce subject knowledge and skills.
Phonics Usually in pairs or small groups, we use the ReadWriteInc. Fresh Start programme to support dyslexia or literacy-challenged students, withdrawing them from a lesson to focus on basic literacy skills. This is delivered by a teacher or Teaching Assistant.
Mentoring For some students, an in-school mentor, such as a Teaching Assistant, is invaluable in helping them organise themselves and prepare for the day-to-day tasks expected of them in school.
Speed Up! Handwriting Intervention Aimed at Year 7, the Speed up! programme takes a hands-on and creative approach to students with handwriting difficulties, delivered by the SEN Assistant.
Teaching Assistants We one TA based in CG3 (a classroom) delivering curriculum support, phonics, and mentoring. We have one TA supporting SEN students in Years 7, 8 and 9.

Additionally, we have two TAs who share their time between behaviour support (in the school’s CSI behaviour unit) and supporting SEN in the classroom.

Individual Educational Plan (IEP) If you would like to meet with the SEN Assistant, she will complete an IEP, shared with staff, to give an overview of how that student can be best supported across the school.