School Effort Grades

Grade 1 (Excellent)  – I am working as hard as I possibly can. I am working as hard as I do when I am doing my most enjoyable hobby.

Grade 2 (Very Good) – I am trying very hard and pushing myself to be better. It is not quite my very best effort, but not far off it.

Grade 3 (Good) – I am trying pretty hard when working but not as hard as I do in other subjects. I am taking some pride in my work.

Grade 4 (Satisfactory) – I generally participate in learning activities and I do what I am expected to do by my teacher.  I do not go beyond anything that I am asked to do either in class or for homework.

Grade 5 (Mediocre) – I make some effort some of the time but only when I have to. I am punctual most of the time but I need frequent reminders from my teachers to stay on task.

Grade 6 (Poor) – I rarely make any effort. I regularly turn up late to the lesson and rarely have equipment (e.g. a pen) that I need with me.

Grade 7 (Very poor) – I make no effort at all in lessons.  I never arrive on time or have equipment (e.g. a pen) with me.