Year 9 GATE

By year 9 we try to draw together as many different skills and talents as we can, particularly focusing on research and presentation skills.

In February 2014, 20 year 9s and 6 year 8s took part in the Anne Frank project.  The Anne Frank Trust Scotland loaned their transportable Anne Frank museum display to the school, and it was set up in the main entrance.   For 3 weeks, the GATE students delivered tours to groups of up to 25 people, including groups from year 7 and 8 SSHS English classes, residents of an old people’s home, the Grammar School and Haute Capelles. Members of the Education Board, including Deputy Robert Sillars were also given a tour.

In 2014/15, year 9 will be given the topic of ‘WAR’.  Students are asked to research about any war that has taken place in the 20th or 21st Century (focusing on History, Citizenship and RS).  Students then create their own display on this (focusing on art, DT and/or ICT skills).  They will then be asked to work together to teach other people in the school about the work they have done, by delivering tours.

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