Year 8 GATE: Historical Fiction

Up to 20 year 8s are invited to take part in the year 8 GATE project.  Students are nominated by their teachers and the final decision on the group is based on their work in history and English.  This project builds on the skills used in the year 7 GATE project, but it is not essential to have taken part in the year 7 project.

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In short, this project aims to develop students’ historical research skills and their creative writing.  Students are asked to write a story that is set in any period of history they would like.

In the first term, students are asked to read and review at least one historical fiction book.  The school library has a large range of historical fiction to choose from and it is surprising how many books are set in the past.  Recent top sellers such as ‘The Help’, ‘Warhorse’ and ‘Percy Jackson’ can all be classed as historical fiction, since their authors draw on their knowledge of history.

Once students have all read at least one historical fiction book, we will work on researching the period of history most of interest to them.  This equips students with the skills to carry out independent research in any subject they wish; an essential skill both inside and outside of school.

In the following term, students start to write their stories.  This develops literacy and creative writing skills, by allowing the time to write a detailed story that is of interest to the student.  There is no minimum or maximum amount that we expect to be written; the focus is on quality, not quantity.