GATE : Gifted Able & Talented Education

St Sampson’s High is working hard to offer more opportunities to our hardest working students.  Miss Tostevin currently runs GATE projects in year 7, 8 and 9.  All projects are cross curricular, meaning that students need to have proved themselves as gifted in more than one subject at school.  By running cross curricular projects, we encourage students to extend their thinking and see how they can use their abilities in one subject to help them develop in another.  For example, a student that is gifted in science could use this to help them develop their understanding of medical ethics in RS.  A student who has a keen interest in World War history could use this passion to help them improve the quality of their written work in English.

For more information on specific GATE projects, click on the links below:

Year 7 Humanities    Year 8 Historical fiction    Year 9 Public Speaking

Here is our definition of what we feel makes a child gifted, able or talented.  Characteristics of GATE students:

  • Think quickly and accurately
  • Work systematically
  • Generate creative working solutions
  • Work flexibly, processing unfamiliar information and applying knowledge, experience and insight to unfamiliar situations
  • Communicate their thoughts and ideas well
  • Be determined, diligent and interested in uncovering patterns
  • Achieve, or show potential, in wide range of contexts
  • Be particularly creative
  • Show great sensitivity and empathy
  • Make sound judgements
  • Be outstanding leaders or team members
  • Be fascinated by, or passionate about, a particular subject or aspect of the curriculum

Traditionally, Gifted and Talented initiatives have been aimed at the top 5% to 10% of the students in any school, regardless of the status of that school.  The GATE programme at St Sampson’s  aims to go further than this; involving not only the top 10% of students at our school, but also encouraging all students to identify the areas in which they believe they are gifted, able or talented and then work to use these skills to improve in other subject areas.