Starting a New Business

What documents do I need to sort out before I start work?

 Getting a Right to Work 

Every person working in Guernsey, either for themselves or for an employer, must hold a Right to Work document. You will need to show your Right to Work document to your employer and they will need to take a copy of it.
For further information on how to obtain you Right to Work document
Applying for a Housing Licence or Right to Work Document
T: 715790
E: housing.control@gov.gg

Getting a Social Insurance number
You will also need to give your employer your Social Insurance card number. Social Insurance cards are blue and most people already have a card but if you are new to the island or returning to the island, you will need to register with Social Security.
Paying contributions gives you insurance protection and the payments entitle you to claim various benefits.
There are two ways you can register with Social Security:

  • In Person
  • By Post

In Person
You can download registration forms (see www.gov.gg/regwithssd) and take them in, or you can collect them directly from Edward T Wheadon House (Level 3).

By Post
You can download the registration forms (see www.gov.gg/regwithssd) and post them to Social Security at the address below:
Social Security Department,  Edward T. Wheadon House,  Le Truchot,  St Peter Port,  Guernsey,  GY1 3WH,  Channel Islands.

For further information
T: 732506
E: enquiry@ssd.gov.gg

Getting an Income Tax Coding Notice
You will need to register with the Income Tax Authority and obtain a Coding Notice before you start work to give to your employer. You will pay tax (20p for every £1 you earn) and this is automatically taken out of your wages each time you get paid. There are allowances you can get which reduces the amount of tax you pay. If you have just left school, there is a school leaver form for you to complete. Once you start paying tax, you will have to complete an Income Tax form each year to help work out how much tax you should be paying.

T: 724711
E: enquiry@tax.gov.gg
W: www.gov.gg/tax

Why does Income Tax and Social Insurance automatically get taken out of my wages?
Money is automatically taken out of your wages for social insurance (this includes health insurance and long-term care insurance) and income tax. You pay social insurance to cover you for specialist medical care, helping to pay for going to the doctor’s and paying for prescriptions, unemployment and sickness benefit, old age, pensions and helping with the cost of care.

Income Tax also automatically gets taken out of your wages to help the States of Guernsey pay for maintaining essential services such as re-building of schools, maintenance of roads, changing the airport runway, developing health services etc.

Getting my first weekly / monthly wage

You must be given a wage slip by your employer (a summary of your wages and what has come out such as Income Tax and Social Insurance) under Guernsey law. You will notice that money automatically comes out for Income Tax and Social Insurance (this is linked to the documents you had to give the employer when you first started work). You might also pay money in to an employer’s pension scheme and this may show up too. You need to keep your pay slips for completing your Income Tax form at the end of the year.

Minimum Wage

 The new Minimum Wage rates, applicable in Guernsey from 1 October 2013:

  • An Adult Minimum Wage rate of £6.50 per hour (for workers of 18 years of age & older).
  • A Young Persons’ Minimum Wage rate of £5.25 per hour (for workers of 16 and 17 years old).
  • If a worker is provided with accommodation and food the offset is £90 per week.
  • If a worker is provided with accommodation only the offset is £63 per week.
  • Apprentices under 18 are not protected by the Law but all employees aged 18 and over qualify for the Adult Rate.
    Further information is available on Minimum Wage