Poetry Inspired by Valentine’s Day

A Year 10 GCSE English class were challenged to write original Valentine’s Day poems. The whole class wrote some wonderfully unique and funny poems, but these are five of the best.

“Valentine’s Day Blues”, By Sasha Belford

It’s that time of year I fear the most;

But I, yet again, not meaning to boast,

Think Valentine’s Day has never been better.

Alone on the sofa, with no sign of a letter!

The roses, the chocolate, the stuffed teddy bears,

Oh give it a rest, no one actually cares!

Well, I say everyone, but I really mean me.

Sat home alone, with a hot cup of tea.

It’s February first, and the shop shelves are stacked

With colours of red, pink, purple, they’re packed!

I can’t even walk through the aisles of a shop

Without feeling mocked by the romantic day hop.

I know you might think I’m in denial,

But I feel I’m not up to the trial.

So enjoy your flowers, red dresses and cake,

I’ll be in bed enjoying my single big break.

“The Love Binding Hit of the Hammer: A poem to remember the Valentine’s Day Massacre.” By Brandon Taylor

The hit of the hammer

Is the production of these,

Brought metal to man,

With such fear within.

Streaks of light going past,

Abominably scaring!

With such painful hits of the hammer,

Piercing its own path through.

Seven dead.

Five lined up along the wall.

Like bottles, like nursery rhymes,

Broken bottle along the wall.

With smashed bottles,

Comes the contents from within.

A liquid. A stain.

Tainting the soil beneath.

The hammer fell silent,

Within minutes of such actions.

Their job had been done,

They had forged death.

And as the hammer cools,

The truth be told:

These hammers cannot be seen,

But then again, neither can the forged weapon.

“Valentine’s Day”, by Callum Quinn.

Roses, chocolate and a soppy card,

Getting it right can be quite hard.

If being romantic doesn’t come easy

Just be sincere and avoid being cheesy.

If you get that feeling that makes your heart race,

Don’t get awkward, bashful and blush red in your face.

Being secretive can be more mysterious and fin,

But be brave and go for it! What harm can be done?


“Modern Valentine”, by Jacob Masteron Pippet

URG! Its Valentine’s Day!

I ain’t got no bae,

There’s nothing else really to say,

It’s just being single on Valentine’s Day.

I suppose there are some perks to being single,

No worries, no commitments, no cares!

No need to buy a box of chocolate eclairs.

I’m single

I’m relaxed.

My Netflix!

My snacks!

At the end of the day,

Roses are red, violets are blue,

I’m sitting at home with my vindaloo.

“Old Love”, by Lauren Smeed.

As people gather at your head stone,

It’s just another year I have been alone.

This is the day which is filled with love,

Such a shame, you went up above.

I miss the way you smile;

You’ve been gone for quite a while.

As time passes slowly by,

A part of me too, begins to die.

So every year, I come here.

To make me feel more near.

I miss you, but it’s time to go,

See you next year, my love.

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