Poetry On Show at the Eisteddfod

A selection of Year 10 GCSE students have been studying the work of Charles Dickens, and his depiction of school in his novels. While studying an extract from “Hard Times” the students began to explore how Dickens uses light as a metaphor in his writing. They were inspired by this, and seeing that this year’s Poetry Day’s theme was light, they wrote their poems based on a quote, which explores Dickens’ use of light. The line from “Hard Times” reads “Sissy came in for the beginning of a sunbeam”. This quote introduces the character of Sissy Jupe as a symbol of hope in the novel.

The students involved were Holly Brown, Melissa Wilson, Lauren Le Page and Natalie Collins. The poems have also been entered along with twenty other Year 10 students’ poems, into this year’s Eisteddfod.

Click the link to see the Poems

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