Gifted & Talented : The Dead Poets Society

This half term the English G&T club, The Dead Poets Society, have been working alongside Elizabeth College and Blanchelande for a National Poetry Day project. As part of this project, the group have researched WW1 and reflected on what remembrance means to them. They then used this as inspiration for their own remembrance poems. A selection of these poems were published in the Guernsey Press (2nd October) and two members of the club read their poems aloud on Radio Guernsey.

Each student produced thoughtful and mature poetry, and those who appeared on Jenny Kendall-Tobais’ show represented the school beautifully. The English Department are extremely proud of the hard work and wonderful skills of these students, and are looking forward to the club’s next project (a study of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice).

We hope you enjoy reading the poems as much as we did! Click the link below to read the poems.

Gifted & Talented – The Dead Poets Society (War Poems)

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