Rudi Oppenheimer (Holocaust Survivor) comes to SSH

On Thursday 15th March, Holocaust survivor Rudi Oppenheimer came to St Sampson’s High to deliver 2 presentations to all of year 8 and some members of year 9 and 10.  He talked about his experience of life under the Nazis and his time at Bergen Belsen and Westerborg Concentration Camp.  Whilst his mother and father both died at Bergen Belsen, Rudi and his brother and sister were among the lucky few who survived.  The talk was a unique opportunity to hear about an important part of our history.

For further information on Rudi, visit

Rudi’s brother Paul wrote a book about his experiences; ‘From Belsen to Buckingham Palace’.  Those students who would like to purchase a signed book can ask Miss Tostevin to order a copy.  Books cost £5.

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