SSHS Students Involved in Community Lantern Parade

The Guernsey Arts Commission have organised a Lantern Parade set to take place on the 1st Match starting in Market Square and finishing at Candie Garden. The aim of the event is to engage the communities of Guernsey during the winter months through lantern making workshops and to bring communities together with the parade itself. The Arts Commission wanted the various schools of Guernsey to be represented in the parade, and that’s where we come in!

A group of students from St Sampson’s were chosen to represent the school and attend one of the lantern workshops which were set up in each parish allowing school children and their families to attend outside of school hours.

St Sampson’s students went to The Caves youth centre to make their lanterns which took a full two hours to create. They all enjoyed the process of creating their lanterns for which they were given a ticket as there were a set number of lanterns which could be used in the parade (around 300).  Students helped Deputy John Gollop to make his lantern.

The lanterns were made from willow, masking tape and covered in tissue paper with PVA glue. The lanterns use an LED light rather than a flame for safety and practical reasons. The parade will be led by SPARK performers who will definitely add some magic to the atmosphere. For more on SPARK follow this link, finally Candie Garden will be decorated with an installation.

lantern workshop

Student Abbie Le Page was at the workshop and said that the experience was enjoyable because “we did it with our friends from school and we got to meet other people that we wouldn’t usually meet, like the helpers there and the people that work for the youth centre” she went on to say that she “really enjoyed work and helping John Gollop at the end because he is such a nice man and it really shows that he cares about Guernsey’s welfare”. Abbie’s views were reflected by other students. All the students were grateful to be invited and are looking forward to the 1st of March when it all comes together.

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