St Sampson’s claim victory in the final minutes – By Vincent Hockey

Players from years 10 and 11 went up against Elizabeth College on Monday to play for the Spiller Shield at Blanche Pierre Lane. The game started with St Sampson’s playing a strong defence. The game continued with College trying their best to break the St Sampson’s defenders. Lucas Barry, who filled in for Sam King dealt well with the pace of the Elizabeth College strikers, maintaining the solid defence.  St Sampson’s missed a few opportunities at goal struggling with finishing after doing the hard work. The goal the team had been waiting for happened when Seb Smeed took the ball on his chest, went past the defenders then played an inside ball to Louis Morellec (who had come on late in the first half) who scored a well-deserved goal for St Sampson’s.

St Sampson’s continued playing a strong defence although College were now even more eager to score against Jordan Kelly the goalkeeper for St Sampson’s. Half time passed and the score remained 1-0. Team captain Ryan Cherry came off in the second half because of a heavy nose bleed but bravely returned to help his team once the bleeding had stopped. College were a strong team and Danny Galpin managed to equalise late in the second half. Both teams pushed to take the lead but the game ran into extra time.

Both sides were tired after playing 80 minutes and the pressure mounted. Although both teams played desperately the game continued into further extra time.  The crowd watched intently as both teams got close to scoring the final goal. Then it happened Louis Morellec made a glancing header which crept in at the near post after receiving the ball from a right wing cross. St Sampson’s were ecstatic and celebrated, they had earned it. Play continued until St Sampson’s kicked the ball out of play eventually ending the game.

Both teams were extremely tired having played 100 minutes, but it was only on the faces of the St Sampson’s team which you could see relief. The team had worked hard and the game was tiring but they dug in and it eventually paid off making the final score 2-1. Seb Smeed was made man of the match because of his great performance in central midfield and his high work rate, which no doubt played an important role in the team’s success.

The winners were presented with the Spiller Shield and both teams shook hands before St Sampson’s celebrated a well deserved win. It was a competitive match which both teams deserved to win, although there could only be one winner.

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