Year 9 ICT : Game Design

Year 9 are currently doing a unit in game design using a program called Scratch.  They have been given a brief to create a “top down” birds eye view game, using the mouse or keyboard to control their character.  They will also program items to collect, like coins and power-ups which will affect their speed, health, score and other character attributes.

Here are some examples of their work in progress.   At the end of the unit, the best games will be posted here for all to play!

Update 5th November

Students have now started to add levels to their games.  Backgrounds and sprite costumes change depending on your score within the game.  Here are some examples:

Update 12th November

The game design unit is really getting going. Here are 3 games for you to play.  They are not quite finished, but still very playable.  Try to get to the final level!

alien escape

greek monsters

Run Ellie Run!






Update 4th December

Students are now using Adobe Illustrator to create “app icons” for their games. Look at the gallery below to see some examples.

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