Medieval Life at Castle Cornet

For Opportunities Week 2013 we attempted to do something rather different-send a dozen students in a tardis back to 1468.


OK so we didn’t have Dr Who but we did have Mrs Massey, Mrs Searle Mr Thorpe and volunteering to aid us Helen Finnerty (Mr Thorpe’s fiancee). In addition  to this group we were helped at various times by a huge number of people and all of these we owe a debt of gratitude- Mr Everett, Mrs Le Page, Mrs De Koecker, Mrs Birch, Mr Richards the potter from GHIAC, plus many volunteers who stepped forward and made many different things for us. Finally of course we have to make a special thanks to the staff of the Guernsey Museums Education Service (Miss Dowding) and of course those of Castle Cornet, as without them nothing would have been possible!

So what did we get up to? Over the 3 days spent at Castle Cornet we had Josh and Callum (on their work experience as museum workers/historical interpreters/trainee teachers) stage over 20 fight displays, including on Friday morning over 500 cruise ship passengers, several of you acting as the barber surgeons apprentice instructing people how best to extract an arrow or amputate a damaged limb! Others demonstrated finger loop weaving, cooking, milling flour using a quern stone, played various games and as Shaun from the castle commented ‘provided lots of atmosphere and colour to the castle and let people see what it was like’

In fact the castle were so impressed that they want us back on the 18th August to do it all over again!!!!

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