London Trip Update Day 2

So, yesterday we went to Thorpe Park and it was really enjoyable; at the start of the day it was raining but that didn’t stop us enjoying ourselves. After a while of riding monstrous rides and hours of queueing Jess, Billy, Mr. Chesters, Miss. Herbert and Ms Jowett got an extreme fast track which you get a set of three rides to go on within a half an hour time difference between them. We got Ms Jowett and Miss.Herbert on some of the scariest rides there! Jodie Moore Year 9 says her favourite ride was ‘Nemesis.’

Later that evening after a two and a half hour bus journey which was only meant to be an hour, we got back and were soon off to the shopping centre where Elisha Tallon in year 10 was so excited, she walked straight into a post and has been fuel for Mr. Oliva’s (hilarious) jokes since. In Westfield Billy Rive asked Mr. Oliva to go for a snog, which in Westfield is a frozen yoghurt, Mr. Oliva seemed a little shocked but agreed to it anyway ;-). -JessHughes Year 8.

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